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Accessing email on Windows 10 should be a comfortable, intuitive experience. Alas, Windows 10 is hamstrung with a terrible built-in option and I've just found that installing Office 2016 is just as undesirable... Unless you don't mind filling your hard drive with programs you'll never use.

Why are e-magazines so difficult to read? Why do magazine publishers refuse to adopt progressive technology in the face of declining sales? Unless something changes I think that magazines are likely to become, like video recorders and public phoneboxes, a thing of the past.

Although not fully supported, it's possible to run Code42's CrashPlan backup software via a headless installation on a Synology NAS. It's not the most straightforward setup and although there are some great walk-throughs to be found, I've realised that there's a step which they don't cover.

Microsoft's recent write-off of their Nokia purchase seems to suggest that Windows Phone's failure to grab the public's attention was Nokia's fault. I don't see it that way: I think Microsoft created and then squandered a tremendous opportunity.