There have obviously been a lot of blog posts of late about Apple, but one thing that I wasn’t aware of until this morning is that the new U2 album will be sync’d to all iTunes accounts. Whether you want it or not.

Allow me to explain my stance. I don’t like Apple as a company, nor do I like their rabid fanboys who bark out trenchant, vitriolic repeats of whatever they’re told by messrs Cook or Ive. The more I hear and read the hype (TechCrunch declared the currently-incomplete Apple Watch as “The best one more thing ever”), the more I’m put off. I’m far from in love with Microsoft and I’m certainly no fan of Google either. I simply use what I choose to use. In fact, Paul Thurrot wrote a blog post on the same subject which I entirely agree with.

Anyway, I didn’t get up in the early hours of some morning to get my order in as soon as iPhone 6 ordering was opened just because I got swept up in the worshipful hype of its launch.

U2? Not Me

Someone else I’m no fan of is U2. I’m not going to insult their fans but their music simply doesn’t appeal to me.

So what I would object to, were I an iTunes subscriber, would be the automatic downloading to all my iDevices of the new U2 album. I realise that it’s not particularly offensive to give you an album for free, whether you want it or not, I just find it rather obnoxious and presumptuous.


Embarrassing? [Image from this Yahoo page]

I don’t know enough about the music industry to point out what its problems are but I’m sure that taking one of the most popular bands of the past 30 years (whose previous album sold a somewhat disappointing 5 million copies) and spending an estimated $100M on this marketing effort is helping no-one other than U2. I can’t even see how it could help Apple, but it’s petty cash to them. I do find it concerning that the music industry is now kowtowing to the technology markets, but it's perhaps not that surprising given how much we identify our public persona with the technology we use.

The Most Amazing Single I've Never Heard

As has been posted on just about every news site since last week’s iPhone 6 event, a huge number of people simply don’t appreciate the way that Apple have foisted this musical choice upon them. Here are some examples. Even the Apple-loving TechCrunch didn’t approve.

Automatically syncing the latest U2 album to every iTunes-enabled device doesn’t strike me as thinking differently.

The only good news at the end of all this is that Apple appear to have listened to the discord and have now provided a tool to allow iTunes subscribers to remove all traces of U2's Songs of Innocence from their accounts.

My impression is that this stunt is symptomatic of the way in which Apple act, restricting their users’ choices to suit Apple. If you don’t like it, reassess your choices.