I've been meaning to write a post about how disappointed I am with Windows 10 but this evening I came across another Microsoft decision which is not only puzzling, it's downright annoying.

I decided to install Outlook 2016 - just Outlook from Office 2016. This isn't possible. The only option one has is to install the entire Office suite of products.

I have no option but to install programs I neither want, need, nor of whose purpose I know. InfoPath? Publisher?

And the reason I'm so keen on installing Outlook is because of the desperately awful Mail app which comes with Windows 10. Unbelievably, I think the laughably-bad Mail app in Widows 8 was actually better than this latest version.

As with previous versions of Office I expected that the installer would present me with options as to which programs I wished to install.


So I went ahead and installed the full suite, with the intention of then removing the programs I didn't want. Is that possible?


And here's the weird part which presumably Microsoft overlooked: once the full Office suite has been installed, it's possible to right-click on any of the unwanted programs and see a tempting "Uninstall" option; clicking this then opens the old-style "Programs and Features" window… but the program which was right-clicked does not show up in the list of installed programs. In fact, none of the individual Office programs are available for uninstalling.

There's the option! …oh

Did nobody at Microsoft notice or consider this?

The New Microsoft?

There's been a lot of talk recently about a 'new' Microsoft, a reinvigorated software giant that actually listens to people and plays nicely.

I don't see it that way, and I intend to write a longer post very soon explaining why, but this just puzzles me. If I want to use Outlook why do I have to install a suite full of programs that surely even Microsoft recognises I have absolutely no need for? And to make it appear even less thought-through, they present users with an option which is a blind alley.

I write this at the end of the week in which Microsoft announced a woeful decision about reducing OneDrive storage, so Microsoft were already off my christmas card list. And now that I've captured that screenshot showing Access' cruelly tempting "Uninstall" option I'm now going to uninstall Office in its entirety... because that's the only option it presents me with.