It's been about 13 months since I last updated this blog. In fact, for most of that time the blog hasn't even been online. You see, when I first launched this blog it was really nothing more than a .NET project in which to utilise a few new techniques and tips that I'd picked up. Then I tinkered a little too much, lost interest in fixing it, so rather ashamedly I took it offline until I could find the effort to make it better again.

So now I've fixed it? Well, not exactly. Rather than re-inventing the wheel I've instead opted to run BlogEngine.NET and I'm delighted with it. I created my own theme to be as minimalistic as I could, and here I present to you... the same 4 blog posts that were online at the end of 2011.

Atleast give me credit for getting the blog back online.

This iteration of the blog finds me in a new job (which I also write the occasional blog post for) and a Formula 1 season lolloping over the horizon, which should offer plenty of fuel for the blog.